What is technology’s role in the lives of children?

technology's role in the lives of children

What is technology’s role in the lives of children? This question is often brought to our attention, and continues to be a highly debated topic. In the classroom, we welcome technology, aware that balance is necessary for a well-rounded learning experience.

Our stance on the debate is simple: digital technologies are simply another tool to encourage a child’s curiosity. They are an accessory in creative development, an instrument of observation and a way to chronicle Bear Park learning experiences for the benefit of families. Here, technology plays a supportive role, and given the pace at which new innovations emerge, provides ample learning, unlearning and relearning opportunities.

When used in balance and in a meaningful way, digital media helps to nurture flexible, problem-solving focussed minds. Minds that are better equipped to thrive in today’s progressive times.

Five benefits of integrating technology’s role in the lives of children in a meaningful way:

  1. Allows for the representation of ideas in a different medium, which then provides opportunities to reinforce a concept’s meaning and importance in a child’s world.

  2. Encourages visualisation and reflection of an experience that may take place outdoors, but due to the fact that it is chronicled by camera or video, the discussion can still continue once the group returns to the classroom.

  3. Enables the capturing, storing, browsing and creation of learning documentation for future reference.

  4. Provides a means of communication from the centre to the family. This provides a rich base for parent-child discussion at the day’s end and throughout the months to follow.

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