The importance of valuing children’s capabilities

Valuing children’s capabilities – a reflective look One early afternoon in June, the air is cold and fresh but the winter sun has peaked and is providing the perfect amount of warmth and light to enjoy the garden spaces. A teacher observes a group of children admiring the lemons and leaves on the trees. She approaches […]

How to: Make a Nature Mandala

Here we show you how to set up a fun art activity at home for your child using only what nature provides. The best part is that you’ll love participating too. Enjoy! What: A nature mandala is a circular art form that is made using different objects and natural materials. Why: The idea of this […]

Learning Journey: Reuse To Make Shoes

The Remuera teaching team worked alongside the Tui children to extend and develop ideas around repurposing. We believe that for children to appreciate the value in an object or material, they need to discover its true potential. Our team introduced the idea that discarded or recycled materials have unlimited possibilities, and the results were remarkable. The […]

What is technology’s role in the lives of children?

What is technology’s role in the lives of children? This question is often brought to our attention, and continues to be a highly debated topic. In the classroom, we welcome technology, aware that balance is necessary for a well-rounded learning experience. Our stance on the debate is simple: digital technologies are simply another tool to […]