Family Time Capsule

time capsule

As we are living in a time that is unprecedented for us all, taking this opportunity to reflect upon the things that matter most to us, is so relevant and important. Creating a time capsule is one way in which we can show what these things are and we can have fun in creating the best “story” of your family life during this nation-wide lockdown.

The first thing we need to consider is what you will use to create your capsule. This could be any shape or size and of any material that you can think of that will last over a period of time. Possibilities could be a shoebox, plastic milk bottles, soft drink bottles cut to fit over each other, or tins (particular a formula tin) would be perfect.

You may wish to decorate your capsule and choose to paint it, or use collage with newspaper, or old magazines as well as other recycling paper from your atelier areas. If you have access to a printer at home you could print small photos of your family and cut and glue these onto the capsule -your options are endless the choice is yours.

The next decision is what to put inside the capsule and this can be a great discussion with your family as to what really matters to them and what they wish to share. How can you best show what your family is like, what their interest are, what are their favourite activities, their favourite stories or songs, their favourite memories etc….

Some suggestions maybe:

• A picture of your family drawn by your child/ren (perhaps a printed family photo also)

• A letter written together about what the lockdown was like and any advice that you would give.

• Sharing the most fun exciting experiences you have been having together.

• Special items or photos of special items that are important to you e.g. a storybook, a toy, a pet …

• A favourite game you like playing

• A picture of your home

• A favourite hair clip or ribbon or flower or leaf

to list a few….

Also remember it is important to decide where you are going to place or hide this time capsule for discovery in years to come. This is a great way to look at the positives of this time and how you are spending time together, the games you are playing and the memories you are making.

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