Observations of Autumn

Autumn is arguably one of the most beautiful times of the year as for a few fleeting weeks we are able to bear witness to the glorious transformation of our planet. The leaves of trees as they shift through hues of deep greens, burnt oranges, vibrant reds and glowing yellows. The sun begins to set […]

Yoga & Meditation

Teaching children aspects of yoga & meditation has many wonderful benefits for their growth and development. Their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness are enhanced, and additionally, their concentration, sense of calmness and relaxation will improve. We live in a busy world, so it is important to take time during the day to slow down, […]

Digital Drawing

Digital art is extremely relevant in our lives, and while there is no replacement for working with real tools and mediums, digital drawing provides a wonderfully rich alternative when needed. Gaining an understanding of digital drawing at a young age is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience how the worlds of art and technology […]

Yay, it’s raining!

“Our embodied participation in the world makes possible an intimate relationship with the world, and knowledgeable residence in the world.” -Ann Pelo One of the main aspects of the atelier is to highlight sensory explorations and perceptions. It is designed to evoke exploration, to stimulate expression and to add richness to the learning of life. […]

Family Time Capsule

As we are living in a time that is unprecedented for us all, taking this opportunity to reflect upon the things that matter most to us, is so relevant and important. Creating a time capsule is one way in which we can show what these things are and we can have fun in creating the […]

Anzac Day 2020

To pay respect on Anzac Day we would attend parades, church services and the dawn service at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. RSA volunteers would exchange your red poppy buttonhole flowers in return for a donation in support of their organization’s welfare fund. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic these events have been cancelled. So […]

Construction at Home With Your Child

The construction spaces within our classrooms at Bear Park are popular areas of play for almost all children, and for good reason. Creating something 3 dimensional using a variety of blocks and recycled materials promotes critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Experimenting with how things can be stacked, balanced and arranged encourages a hands-on approach to […]

The Art of Storytelling

It has been three weeks or so since our nation entered a lockdown, and in that time I’m sure many of you have endured reading a favourite book many times. You probably know it off by heart and you might have even tried to unsuccessfully skip a page or two before bed!!!! When you have […]

Exploring the Richness of your Garden

Infants and toddlers thrive in any environment that provokes opportunities for sensory exploration. An example of how we implement this in our Fantail room is by exploring the natural wonders on offer in our garden. Here the children can encounter materials such as leaves, grass, flowers etc… to investigate and put their senses to the […]