Tubes, Toddlers and Motion

Young children are always intrigued by the mystical and exciting idea of movement, whether it is with their own bodies or with objects within their environment. It is a wonderful learning stage where the children are creating their own hypothesis and testing these out with enthusiasm and joy.

After observing our toddlers engaging with this concept of rolling, we invited them to participate in a larger space, with larger provocations on offer. Would they use the same strategies and skills that they had shown us before or would they now start to modify and adapt them?

The children encountered these larger resources using their whole bodies, as well as just their hands and feet, whilst they interpreted and explored the movement of the tubes.

They worked together collaboratively as they negotiated how these objects could roll and experimented with the different directions, the different velocity, the different distance they could do so.

The possibility of what would happen when a friend climbs inside a tube was also thoroughly tested as well as the children further critiqued their understandings and theories about the physics of movement.

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