The Ideal Environment for Learning

environment for learningIt’s perfectly acceptable to be particular. Especially when it comes to learning environments. The right space should be comfortable and welcoming, just as it is aesthetically stimulating, offering up challenges, places to test out theories or to further explore a newfound curiosity.

Building unique, intimate and supportive educational spaces that tick these boxes is our specialty. We place much emphasis on a richness of materials in all Bear Park centres, and like to think of these as open-ended sources of inspiration. Like the founder of the Reggio Approach, Loris Malaguzzi, we believe that young children need the freedom to “appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colours.”

 A rich learning environment will encourage a sense of wonder, challenge and curiosity, so we go to great effort to build spaces that are thoughtful in layout and rich on variety. Spaces that consider the individual and the group, as well as materials that steer children away from a pre-determined outcome. As a result our teachers witness the benefits of young minds thinking big everyday, from the glimpse of a furrowed brow to wide-eyed wonder.

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