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I'd like to express how grateful I am to Stuart and his team for taking the time to make myself and my little boy happy and comfortable‚ the teachers are personable and helpful and always take the time to make us feel at home.

Shannon Taylor

Thank you all so much for the amazing care you have taken of Jayden for the last 4years‚ we don't think there will ever be teachers in the rest of his school life who will show so much love and support or will see him grow and develop so much. You really have contributed greatly to the little man he has become.

Cam & Fleur


Thank you so much for the wonderful care, attention and support you have provided to Francesca in the last 17 months. Not only have you helped provide her with new skills, friends and knowledge but you have done so in a way which is unique to a day care (in my experience) ‚ with genuine concern and a real sense that she (and her family) were truly an important part of the Bear Park family ‚ we so appreciated all you have done. Thank you!

Bear Park Parent


A huge thank you for all your care of Isabelle, it has been a blessing to drop her off and know she is well cared for.

Bear Park Parent


The girls are so settled and happy it certainly makes it easier going back to work.

Bear Park Parent

The detail and effort put in to documenting Mila‚ as special progress book is so great. I am so glad to have chosen Bear Park for Mila‚ childcare. She's really thriving and I love coming to pick her up and seeing her so happy.

Bear Park Parent