St Heliers Teaching Team

Nursery Team

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The Nursery teaching team promotes a warm and nurturing environment for young minds to learn and grow.  Through fostering small group situations, children are able to build a sense of identity, whilst also learning alongside others. We currently have four full-time teaching staff in the Nursery, who are all passionate about creating valuable learning experiences for young children.  Each teacher brings with them a unique background and set of skills to share alongside the children and teaching team.

Preschool Team

The Preschool team strongly values nurturing and respectful partnerships with the children and their families. Our vision is for our learning environments to offer children the time and space to realise and share their ideas. We enjoy working alongside the children as they embark on new and exciting discoveries that are celebrated through various forums for contributions and investigations. We aspire to ensure that all children’s unique identities and competencies are fostered, and that they continue to enjoy a growing sense of autonomy when engaging with people in the surrounding environment secure in the knowledge that they are loved and valued.

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