Mt Eden Childcare Team

Fantail Team

mt eden childcare team auckland

The Fantail’s are our precious little under ones, who can join us from the age of three months to one year. We believe in building strong and reciprocal relationships with our children, parents and whanau. We value the child’s home as their first special encounter and want to support this and help provide a smooth transition by providing a loving and respectful environment. We also believe in providing children with the time and space to unfold naturally and master their milestones in their own time.   We see our children as detailed researchers and provide them with an environment that provokes curiosity and wonder to explore how their bodies work and their world around them.

Kea Team

The Kea’s are a vibrant and active group of toddlers. As the children make their transitions to the Keas we continue to promote self help skills. We value independence and view our children as competent and capable researchers. The Kea children are encouraged to collaborate during group learning experiences, fostering positive relationships. A lot of these learning experiences take place in the outdoors as we value the natural world and how we can care for it. We hope to encourage curiosity and empower the children to take initiative with their own learning. Our team are passionate about forming positive relationships with the Kea parents and value their input and knowledge in our environment.

mt eden childcare auckland

Kiwi Team

mt eden childcare team auckland

The kiwi group is the youngest group of children in our collaborative environment preschool. New and transitioning children can develop a sense of belonging through reciprocal relationships with their peers, family, community, teachers and our rich learning environment. Through group investigations, meetings and open opportunities for exploration we believe each individual child is able to further develop social skills, self-responsibility and values to assist them in their learning journey. We believe through an environment rich in respect and trust our learning community will feel empowered, allowing collaboration and openness to each individual’s persona.

Tui Team

Our Tui group follows on from the Kiwis and children join us at around 3 years old. The Tuis are very hands-on and love to explore through creating and working in small groups. As Tui teachers we believe that strong, respectful relationships to be of high importance in our learning environment including with children, teachers, parents, and whānau. We also believe that the environment and experiences we offer need to be reflective and inclusive of all the individuals in the learning environment supporting individual strengths and passions. And it is through our interactions with the Tuis we aspire to support holistic development and inspire a sense of joy and wonder in learning creating passionate life-long learners and an easy transition to the Pukekos.

mt eden childcare team auckland