Kohimarama Childcare Team

Fantail Team

Kohimarama Childcare Team

Within our Fantail Room, we offer a peaceful and serene environment, where infants from 3 months to 17 months of age are provided with endless opportunities to explore and investigate the world around them.  We take pride in ensuring children experience a respectful and loving environment full of meaningful learning opportunities.  Establishing responsive and reciprocal relationships with parents and whanau enables us to follow through with the individual rhythms from home.  This assists us in creating an environment where children and their whanau feel a strong sense of belonging.  We strive to foster relationships where we support the children, encouraging them to gain confidence and independence to be competent learners.  It is of utmost importance that infants feel confident and comfortable in their surroundings to enable them to flourish and grow, as we embrace their uniqueness and individuality.  We create an environment that opens up a sense of wonder and excitement.

Morepork Team

The Morepork Room welcomes children from the age of 17 months to 2.5 years, with a teaching team committed to forming strong relationships with children and their families. We actively promote and support children with their developing self-help skills, fostering their sense of self-confidence and independence. At this young age, children are extremely astute and receptive to all that is happening in their environment and we value the importance of giving children time and space to investigate and develop working theories of the world around them. We encourage collaborative learning experiences with a focus on providing an environment rich in natural and open-ended resources, which stimulate creative and imaginative thinking. As a teaching team, we are very passionate about delivering a multicultural curriculum and we are always excited to learn about the children and their family’s unique cultural background.

kohi teaching team

Kea Team

Kea Team Kohi

Within the Kea group we foster children’s independence and creativity through a purposeful and engaging environment.  This environment is holistic, valuing the child’s individual needs and interests.  The Kea teacher’s value strong and reciprocal relationships between parents, whanau and the wider community, through the involvement of parents views and values around our educational programme.  Developing close relationships with children of varying ages within the group creates positive modeling opportunities for children to learn from each other in a natural and social way.  This is supported through an environment that is richly resourced with a vast array of media for creative and artistic expression.  The Preschool at Bear Park Kohimarama is a place where children know their ideas and theories are welcomed, respected and valued.

Tui Team

Within the Tui Group, we support the children to develop a strong sense of identity, fostering them to discover their sense of self within the group and wider community.  We value our children’s voice, encouraging them to share their ideas and express themselves within an environment that is richly resourced with materials that inspire creativity, wonder and imagination. We encourage the Tui children to be investigative learners, supporting their unique strengths and qualities through engaging in fun, meaningful and challenging learning experiences.  We are inspired by the concept of ako, where learner becomes teacher and teacher becomes learner, and encourage the Tui children to mentor younger tamariki within the Preschool Room.  We strongly support the children’s transition to school, fostering them to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities and most of all a love of learning.

Kohimarama Childcare Team