Henderson Childcare Team

Fantail Team

Henderson Childcare Team

Our Fantail teachers value our open dialogue with the parents and whanau; we understand that our role of the teacher in terms of this precious age group is to establish trusting relationships from teacher to child, and teacher to parent/whanau.

We believe that through our positive and caring reciprocal relationships we can allow our babies the time to smoothly transition from home to our loving environment

Morepork Team

Morepork teachers work with the one year olds and are all very passionate about working with infants and toddlers. We believe that it’s during these years that the foundations are laid for children to become capable and confident learners.

We strive to work alongside the children as co researchers, to empower them as young individuals with valid and valued ideas, provide a safe and respectful environment where they can test their working theories with their peers and adults and to promote their sense of well being.

Kea Team

We believe all children are unique individuals and our role as educators is to support and provide them with the tools for their learning journey throughout life.

As a multicultural team we value the diversity in which our learning environment is set upon as children build their learning from multiple environments. We believe in forming reciprocal and responsive relationships with each child and collaborate with their families as this is important to each child’s holistic development. Being curious investigators of their wider world we strive to encourage everyone to appreciate the value of the environment as the third teacher and by working together we can bring out the best in every learning experience.

Tui Team

Over the years all our teaching philosophies have changed and grown, incorporating our own values and beliefs, and now the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning. Te Whāriki, our New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum is interwoven with these to produce a high quality programme which supports the children’s holistic development.

We recognise the importance of providing an inclusive environment that supports all of our children’s individual needs and interests and strive to do this through working in partnership with our children’s whānau/families. Exploring our cultural identity is a significant part of our curriculum. It is an ongoing and ever-changing process that is naturally influenced by our New Zealand culture and Te Tiriti O Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi).

Play is an essential part of our everyday programme. Through play the children learn to socially interact with their peers and teachers, thus enhancing and extending their learning, growth and development. In the Tui Room we encourage respect and responsibility, not only for ourselves and others, but also for our environment. We have a passion for our natural world, offering a variety of natural resources to work with and surrounding ourselves with plants and animals both indoors and out, using the environment as “the third teacher”. We also support and encourage independence through our daily routines which assist in aiding the children to become capable and confident constructors of their own learning.

Kiwi Team

Henderson Childcare Team

The Kiwi Room holds the unique privilege of being the room which culminates children’s years at Bear Park. From this rich base comes the opportunity to stretch and further consolidate the investigative, exploratory learning strategies the children bring with them. It is an exciting place!  We view learning and teaching as a collective responsibility and so our programme is built on a partnership between children, their families and teachers making our classroom a culturally rich, intellectually challenging place of research and discovery.

We believe that children are passionate learners who fervently seek to know, understand and contribute to their world. Our programme is built on a foundation of deep respect where opportunities to research, study, wonder at, debate with, and challenge each other and our world are a part of the daily experience. We recognise the challenges and opportunities presented by the age we live in and so incorporate fields of study into geography, mathematics, storytelling, writing, reading and listening comprehension, drawing, painting, dramatic play, dance, song, physics and other sciences, languages, and music. Through research and questioning, we listen, delight in and learn from each other’s hundred and more languages.