Albany Childcare Team

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Albany Childcare Team

Albany’s Infant & Toddler Childcare Centre aspires to provoke confident capable learners, who are recognised as unique individual Akonga. Our Albany team have created a respectful, open and nurturing environment, where parents and the extended whanau are welcomed and valued as part of our programme. As educators, we believe it is up to us to give the children the opportunities to express their own creativity, explore widely and connect with their discoveries in their own meaningful way.

Kiwi Team

As Kiwi teachers, we understand that our children are confident and capable learners with whom we are co-researchers. This age group experiences many changes and we strive to create an environment that is welcoming, cohesive and challenging. We value and celebrate the multiple cultures within our group and view each child as a unique individual. Teachers of the Kiwi team understand the importance of the whanau in our children’s lives and strive to work collaboratively with the children’s families.

Albany Childcare Team Kiwi

Tui Team

Albany Childcare Team Tui

In the Tui Room we strongly support our children in their last years prior to the transition to school. It is here that children are supported in their love of learning, as teachers encourage, guide and support their learning.  

We take pride in ensuring that we have a strong and supportive network in place between Bear Park, home and the local primary schools. This ensures that children have positive and rewarding learning experiences as they move from early childhood education to the school setting. 

The Tui room gives children the confidence in their abilities; the opportunity to grow their emerging interests, and also developing the very important skills in working in a group learning environment. This sets the children on a confident path and ensures a smooth transition for the whole family.