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St Heliers Childcare Centre

The St Heliers centre was the very first Bear Park, its doors opening in 1986. The original mission to create a home away from home is still very much in motion, and the centre serves as inspiration for other Bear Park locations, with a strong community presence. Many generations of families in the area have spent their younger days here.

Teaching environments are spread between two houses on Maskell Street. Preschoolers have their own expansive space to grow and learn in, while babies and toddlers are cared for in the Infant Toddler Centre next door. Transitional periods are smooth and organic; children can rely on the familiarity of both buildings as they grow older and move from one space to another.

Shaded outdoor areas, mature trees and well established gardens are in abundance here. Together they create a variety of learning environments, inviting children to explore, create and imagine every day.

Infant Toddler Centre:
Can accommodate up to 20 children, aged 3 months - 2 years.

Can accommodate up to 40 children, aged 2 - 5 years.

Centre Details

Contact details

Centre Owner/Franchisee: 
Rachael Snell

Centre Manager:
Rachael Snell

Preschool Supervisor:
Jolene Stadler (09) 575 4132

Nursery Supervisor:
Evelyn Pattison (09) 575 7332

T: (09) 575 7295 Nicky Wurr

E: stheliers@bearpark.co.nz 

Centre information

Age of children catered for:
3 months to 5 years olds
20 under two's
40 over two's
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre - St Heliers
114-116 Maskell Street,
St Heliers, Auckland
7.30am to 6.00pm daily
Monday to Friday 

Meet the team

Click here to find out more about our St Heliers teaching team.