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Mairangi Bay Early Childcare Centre

On a large piece of land nestled in a commercial area you will find a special home away from home for your child.

We are immensely proud that Bear Park Mairangi Bay has become a place where the inspiration of the Reggio Emilia philosophy meets New Zealand culture to create a challenging yet supportive and encouraging environment.

Teaching spaces are split between four large rooms. A connected outdoor environment flows off these rooms, serving as a fresh air extension for child-led learning and play. In the outdoor area, children are greeted by meandering pathways, grass and native trees. Our dry river bed, moveable outdoor climbing equipment, rocking bridge and large sandpits encourage adventurous play and help young minds appreciate the richness and infinite possibilities that the natural environment has to offer.

Our teachers are a passionate, committed bunch, who thrive on discovering what makes your child truly unique and then tailoring a learning journey that delights and interests them. We encourage all children to learn and explore at their own pace; enough support is given so that they feel free to be themselves and let their imagination run wild.

Infant Toddler Centre:
Can accommodate up to 25

Can accommodate up to 58

Centre Details

Contact details

Centre Owner/Franchisee: 
Diane & Paul Bradshaw

Fantail & Pepe Room Supervisor :
Megan Gowans
Kingfisher Room Supervisor:
Natash Harrison
Moa Room Supervisor:
Natasha Harrison

Preschool: (09) 479 3795
E: mairangibay@bearpark.co.nz 

Centre information

Age of children catered for:
3 months to 5 years olds
25 under two's
58 over two's
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre - Mairangi Bay
18 Apollo Drive,
Mairangi Bay, Auckland
7.30am to 5.30pm daily
Monday to Friday
Limited spaces available from 7.00am to 7.30am

Meet the team

Click here to find out more about our incredible teaching team at Mairangi Bay.