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Herne Bay Childcare Centre

Bear Park Herne Bay sits on the sunny corner site of Shelly Beach Road and Tweed Street in Herne Bay. We are just a few minutes walk from Ponsonby Primary School.

The centre combines a characterful and homely bungalow with a modern extension that has been designed to let in as much natural light as possible. The result is a series of connected and well equipped learning spaces.

Across all ages, days have a familiar rhythm and pattern to them, creating a safe foundation from which children can explore. Both our indoor and outdoor classrooms are regularly reimagined, always with the goal of supporting learning and creating opportunities for imaginative, creative and scientific play.

Our babies and toddlers share a common outdoor garden and natural play area that is separated from the older preschool children by a low fence. This allows everyone to interact, and also be supported by age-appropriate resources.

Preschoolers have a multi-layered learning environment to challenge and invite curiosity, and they eat together in a spacious dining space for daily meals.

Infant Toddler Centre:


Herne Bay

Centre Details

Contact details

Centre Owner/Franchisee: 
Sue Stevely-Cole

Centre Director:
Beth Elliott

T: (09) 376 0232
E: hernebay@bearpark.co.nz

Centre information

Age of children catered for:
3 months to 5 years olds
25 under two's
50 over two's
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre - Herne Bay
42 Shelly Beach Rd,
Herne Bay, Auckland
7.30am to 6.00pm daily
Monday to Friday 

Meet the team

Click here to find out more about our dedicated teaching team at Herne Bay.