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Epsom Childcare Centre

Bear Park Epsom, affectionately known by teachers and families as Patey Street, is housed in a grand homestead with spacious verandahs and an interior that has been carefully maintained to reflect the period in which it was built. Our Patey Street centre is positioned in the middle of over 2000 square meters of land, standing majestically on a small hill.

From the moment you walk through the stained glass front door, the impression on both children and parents is that you’ve arrived somewhere special.

The grand yet homely feeling continues through all spaces: bay windows draw a child’s gaze outside while spilling sunlight into rooms. Sleeping spaces are tucked into the heart of the villa to ensure peace and quiet for sleeping. Kauri paneling in the hallways, high ceilings and chandeliers speak of a bygone era that is hard to emulate. Both teachers and children appreciate these qualities in different ways.

The luxury of land in such a central location means that the outside environment at Patey Street is hard to beat. It truly is an oasis in the city. Gardens are expansive, allowing space for children to spend time investigating nature. Big trees provide shade and dappled sunlight, while hedging and shrubs invite children to build natural caves and havens for make-believe play. The special sense of the imaginary is never far away.

Infant Toddler Centre:


Centre Details

Contact details

Centre Owner: 
Sue Stevely-Cole

Centre Director:
Juliet Smith

T: (09) 520 6661
E: patey@bearpark.co.nz 

Centre Information

Licensed for children from:
3 months to five years
50 children
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre - Epsom
7 Patey Street,
Epsom, Auckland
7.30am to 6.00pm daily
Monday to Friday 

Meet our Team

Creating a strong sense of belonging, and a high quality learning environment is paramount with the Epsom Team philosophy. Click here to find out more about our teachers.