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Mairangi Bay Team

Pepe Team

Our Pepe Room is specifically designed for infants and provides a safe, nurturing and resourceful environment with intimate spaces to support their learning, whilst allowing babies to develop and flourish. We have a dedicated team who pride themselves on providing a ‘home away from home’ for infants and their families and are a great wealth of support and reassurance, drawing on their own experiences as parents and their many years in the early childhood environment.

Fantail Team

The Fantail Room has a very passionate teaching team who are privileged to have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with children under two. The team are all experienced infant/toddler teachers who thoroughly enjoy providing a nurturing and educational environment at the Centre. They value the special relationships they have with the children and love the unique way in which they are able to encounter children experiencing things for the first time. The Fantail Room is also very lucky to have an additional team member who the children love spending time with as she assists the teachers at meal and sleep times. Relationships with parents and whanau are very special and teachers believe in spending time getting to know parents. The Fantail Room environment is an extension of home where everyone feels they are a part of our Bear Park family.

Kingfisher Team 

The Kingfisher Room environment is designed for children aged two and three, to explore within intimate spaces as well as providing areas for group experiences. The team in the Kingfisher Room truly understand the unique age of the children that they work with, by acknowledging their right to be independent, yet supported, fostering the skills to be life long learners. The children are encouraged to share their thoughts and theories with each other, their teachers and their families and the teachers are committed to providing the Kingfisher Room children with the very best support as they develop their understanding of the world around them.

Moa Team

The Moa Room is a preschool environment catering for three and four year olds and has a teaching team who each provide a different area of passion to collectively benefit the children. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from teaching both in New Zealand and around the world. They are all qualified and some have been at the Centre for many years having worked in several of the age groups. Some of our Moa Room teachers have their own children and can also relate to parents through shared experiences. All the teachers have a huge passion for supporting children through their learning journey of self-discovery. They believe they are continuing to build on the foundations that have developed throughout their early years and provide an environment that is enticing and reflective of their learning.