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Herne Bay Team

Fantail Team

The Fantail room offers a warm and nurturing environment for our infants. In the Fantail Room we believe that the children are strong, capable, independent and expressive. Through exploration we believe that children are creating their own theories and perspectives of the world around them, and it is our role as educators to be support them through the learning process. We value children as being precious individuals who make up an integral part of our community and our role to treat the children with love and respect/aroha atu. We feel that as educators it is our role to be respectful of each child’s individual needs, personalities and identity. We strongly believe that parents and teacher partnerships are important when building solid learning foundations for young children. We feel that relationships between educator’s and parents/ whanau need to be built on trust, respect and communication. In the Fantail room we encourage independence and promote self help skills. We ensure that we are providing a stimulating learning environment and are catering to all ages. Together we are building foundations for competent and confident life long learners.

Kakapo Team

The Kakapo children are our inquisitive and energetic toddlers. The teaching team in the Kakapo Room believe in building respectful and reciprocal relationships between all participating members and value participation by teachers, children and families and the diversity they bring to our learning community. Our image of the child is a child who is a competent and confident communicator through the hundred languages. We offer opportunities for children to explore and discover the many possibilities that lie within themselves and fulfill their curiosity about the world they live in.

Kea Team

The Kea Room is the 2 to 3 and a half year old room within the Preschool. We have a group of approximately 25 children per day with four teachers. In our special little community we celebrate and strive towards nurturing the child’s unique perspective of the world. We view children as capable and competent and believe that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness. We believe our environment acts as the third teacher; it’s beauty and provocations inspire and stimulate curiosity, learning and exploration. We also believe in forming strong relationships with children and their whanau, so that we can work in partnership to empower our children.

Tui Team

We believe in creating an inclusive environment where everybody is welcome and valued. An environment, which encourages responsive and reciprocal relationships and partnerships between children, family/whanau, teachers and the wider community.  We strive towards facilitating a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Our role as teachers is to provoke curiosity and wonder.  We believe that we are all life long learners and we work collaboratively alongside the children in exploring our world.  We believe in open, honest, and patient interactions where there is space for discussions, flexibility and democracy, so that we can adjust to the ever changing needs of our children. We view our environment as the third teacher; making sure it is inviting, inspiring, stimulating, challenging and supportive to the teachers in order to provoke and extend learning.