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Epsom Team

Fantail Team

Children are welcomed into the Fantail room where we offer a peaceful, respectful, caring and nurturing environment. In the early years it is important to develop strong, meaningful relationships with the people around them as they are building confidence in their own abilities. Establishing a partnership between families and teachers is essential to follow through with familiar routines from home and form respectful, open communication to allow a smooth transition.

We believe that children should be given the time and space to explore the world around them at their own pace. We see children as individuals and want to support them as they learn about the world around them in their own unique ways. It is in this room that we wish to establish the foundations for confident, competent life long learners.

Kea Team

We both believe that children are all unique individuals that learn and grow at their own pace. Children should always be supported and empowered, in an environment that encourages curiosity, wonder and challenge.

Developing meaningful partnerships with the children and their families is something we strongly value, and strive for. Trust, honesty and open collaboration between the child, teacher and family/whanau, is key to ensure everyone feels respected and empowered. Creating a strong sense of belonging, and a high quality learning environment is paramount in the Kea room.

Kiwi team

We believe every child is unique and brings with them, their own knowledge, strengths, interests and theories. We aim to build and foster strong relationships with every child so we can support and extend them in all areas of learning. Maintaining a positive, collaborative parent/teacher relationship is important as it helps to make learning more meaningful for each child. We view the environment as the third teacher, as we believe that it supports spontaneous learning based on children’s interests and provokes curiosity and wonder.

Tui Team

Together we value listening and truly hearing the children’s theories with the view of extending the growth and exploration of their ideas.  Supporting our children to develop confidence in themselves and their concepts is  integral to the tui room culture.  We aspire to guide them as they investigate their world and the magic of the unknown.  Supporting the children’s developing understanding of literacy through the many languages of expression, including construction, music, ICT, books, reading and story development is key to our learning programme. We strive to create a collaborative environment where tamariki have fun and develop a love of learning.