Pacific Kids fundraiser

After picking up the last few loads today of food donations we can finally take a breath and reflect on a hugely successful Fiji appeal for Pacific Kids Fundraiser 2016. With that we’d like to personally thank you and your child care for getting on board and supporting the foundation.

 Through this appeal you were a part of what we raised;

Ø  15 pallets of medical supplies

Ø  11 generators

Ø  12 pallets of hardware

Ø  130 tarpaulins

Ø  1/2 a container of school furniture (desks, chairs, filing cabinets plus 100’s and 100’s of exercise books and stationary

Ø  1 Tonne of rice

Ø  ½ a container of clothes for the clothes appeal

Ø  250 packets of seeds

Ø  11 pallets of Sugar and 10 pallets of oil

Ø  23 plus schools on board for the food appeal

Ø  Fonterra, Slingshot, Pulse energy and Next Gen on board for our food drive.

Ø  $48k in case donations and much much more with a special thanks to your donations J

So as you can see we have been super busy and it’s all about a lot of people coming together to make this possible. We have shipped 3 containers and in the process of dispatching the last shipment prior to the cut off date on Thursday. 

Please pass on my sincerest regards to all your team and parents as they are have all played a part in something special for our Fijian neighbours and Pacific Kids. See how we helped Cure Kids in 2015.


Pacific Kids

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