Australia Fundraiser at Herne Bay

Fire truck

In further support of Australia and the animals affected by the fires, Bear Park Herne Bay held a dress-up fundraiser. We had a variety of special guests including firemen, mouse, lizards, sharks, bears, vets, fire trucks and dogs visit our centre!

To help raise awareness, we were also lucky enough to have a fire truck. The firemen showed Bear Park what they wear when they go to into a fire, showed them around the truck, answered questions and even let the children sit in the vehicle! At the end of the visit the firemen got called away to a job, they rushed off with the lights flashing and sirens blaring – the children were very excited and especially the adults!

Here are some of the Kiwi and Tui children’s favourite moments from today;

“Making fire hose and listening to the fireman’s.”-Asher

“I liked turning the hose on the trees to water it and when the fire truck went weeooh.” -Thomas

“Shooting the water and pretending the trees/ bushes were on fire and hearing the fire truck go to the fire.”- Otis

“I love going in the fire truck and I love getting a sticker and I love shooting the hose.” -Hunter

“When I was listening to the firefighters and shooting the hose and walking to the fire truck and seeing it.”- Cora

“They had jackets, and really big boots and a hat. A top, gloves.”- Maggie

Bear Park Herne Bay had a wonderful day! We would like to thank everyone for making the effort to dress up and for going above and beyond for our fundraiser for Australia. We really appreciate your donations!

If you would like to find out more about how you can help we recently posted an article providing links on how you can help support Australia.

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