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Bear Park Childcare, Parent Testimonial

Bear Park centres have always advocated for all children to a childhood that nurtures their confidence and abilities to become capable individuals empowered to their full potential.

We continue to be inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and our philosophy remains grounded in our four main principles of whakama/empowerment, kotihitanga/holistic development, whanau tangata/family and community, and ngā hononga/relationships.

As we near the tail-end of the year, we wanted to further understand the values and desires of our Bear Park parents. We wanted to find out what they envisioned for their child when they enrolled within a Bear Park centre so that we can continue to provide children with the best start into the future, so we asked our Bear Park parents.

Here is what Chloe, one of our Bear Park parents had to say:

“Bear Park has beautiful well-presented environments that have been well thought out and intentionally created for children. The teachers within the centres are welcoming and knowledgeable, and you can see their passion for what they do.”

Bear Park Childcare, beautiful environments

“One of the things that stood out to us was the amount of respect and time that was given for the transition process from centre to home. Having transition visits that went over the period of a few weeks meant that by the time our child started at Bear Park for her first day, she was already settled into her new environment, and comfortable with her teachers.”

Early Childhood transition visits

“Instilling a love for nature is something that really appealed to us about Bear Park’s Reggio-inspired approach. We can see nature being used to inspire children within their investigation work and we enjoy seeing how this love for the natural world continues to unfold.”

Bear Park Childcare, Love of nature

“The low ratios have meant that our child is getting the best support in her early years learning journey. We can see the teachers fostering her love for learning through the investigative programme where she is being engaged in small learning groups and getting opportunities to learn with and alongside others.”

Bear Park Childcare, Love of nature

Low-ratio childcare

“The attention to detail in the way that the classroom spaces have been set up is great for curious children…like the way each space and nook within the room has been created to provide different learning opportunities for children. This shows just how much intention teachers have put into the way that the classrooms have been set up and the resources that are on offer.”

Bear Park classroom

“The open-ended resources that are offered and the focus on small group learning are two ways that we can see how the teachers are fostering children to make discoveries, be creative and wonder. The learning possibilities and opportunities unfolding for our child by working with these types of resources and within these small group learning contexts has been amazing to see.”

Early learning classroom

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