Why Bear Park teachers do what we do

Bear Park teacher

Bear Park teachers understand that the early years of life are critical in child development. During this time, personalities are being formed and attitudes toward learning are solidified. In these early years, children are learning about how they feel about themselves and others; they are quickly adapting skills and knowledge about their world. Children are filled with great wonder and curiosity during these early years and they live in the here and now. A positive educational experience during this time can give children a passion, a purpose, and an appetite for learning that will last a lifetime!

Bear Park teacher

At Bear Park, children are respected for who they are and where they are developmentally—not who or where we expect them to be now or in the future. Bear Park teachers see children as competent and curious individuals who have endless potential to create and explore the world around them. It is our role to offer them the gift of uninterrupted time and an environment that says “yes…come create, explore, and discover with us!”  We believe in the unlimited potential of all children and treasure the opportunity to guide them on a path of life-long learning.

Bear Park teacher

Bear Park is a community like no other, where children’s social and emotional growth is nurtured and guided by empathetic teachers. Our teachers understand the importance of collaboration, perspective-taking, group belongingness, and friendship—the skills children form in these early years will be with them for a lifetime. The guidance of a Bear Park teacher who offers the young child warmth, acceptance and support in these early years is critical.

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