Who are the leaders of the sustainable world?

We certainly can’t name names, but our guess is it starts with the young and the educated. Those for whom acting sustainably isn’t a side thought but an intrinsic part of life. Those who think bigger than simply reduce, reuse, recycle.

At Bear Park, we foster a sense of responsibility towards Mother Nature, teaching children that what they do makes the biggest difference.

In our learning spaces, our teachers immerse children in a variety of sustainable practices, building awareness and exploring each class member’s impact on the environment. Natural and recycled materials routinely form the basis for new projects and investigations, while expansive outdoor areas allow children to explore, play and develop freely. “Creating learning environments that are interwoven with a strong sense of sustainability has always been important to us”, says Bear Park founder Sue Stevely-Cole. “Eco-friendly habits can be developed at a young age, so can a sense of mindfulness.” This ethos is alive in all of the Bear Park Centres. Children could be exploring the properties and potentials of wire, or sensing the wonder of cardboard tubes within their designs of their dream urban spaces for the future.

Essentially, good habits create better world citizens, and everyday our teachers work to instill sustainable thinking in every child. Say hello to the new wave of green thinkers.[/one_half]

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sustainable world


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