Teacher Spotlight: Priyanka Mathur Kapoor, Bear Park Mt Eden

teacher spotlight

Our October teacher spotlight features Priyanka Mathur Kapoor, one of our amazing teachers from Bear Park Mt Eden! Priyanka is always empowering children’s learning potential and truly nurtures Bear Park children to develop their own sense of curiosity and creative expression through inspirations from the Reggio Approach.

Choosing a career with Bear Park

Priyanka: Bear Park has a much-deserved reputation of being a quality education institute for over 20 years and I always knew that I wanted to be a part of an institute that demands excellence from its teachers while always having the child’s best interest at heart.

I have grown to love the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Over the past year and a half, I have felt a real transformation in my teaching practice. I understand the importance of having intentionally-set environments and emergent projects guided by the children’s interest.

teacher spotlight

What makes Bear Park a great place to build a long-term career in teaching?

Priyanka: I love that with Bear Park provides its teachers with regular professional development to encourage us to continue growing professionally. Bear Park offers ongoing pedagogical knowledge to help us become more empowered teachers. I also appreciate that Bear Park makes an effort in providing teachers with wellbeing opportunities, such as the personal well-being seminars and ongoing financial health checks.

Why is it important to have the support of an experienced pedagogical mentor?

Priyanka: Teaching is a lifelong process of learning. Similar to how our children look up to us as teachers for support and guidance, Bear Park teachers have an experienced pedagogical mentor that provides time to guide, support, give feedback, and facilitate reflective learning conversations. I believe that it is through these interactions that teachers feel confident in their daily teaching practice.

“Bear Park offers ongoing pedagogical knowledge to help us become more empowered teachers.” 

How have you been supported in your career growth as a teacher?

Priyanka: This year I was very lucky to have Bear Park send me to Reggio Emilia in Italy, where the very conception of the Reggio Emilia philosophy originated! I was able to take part in a week-long study tour where I met teachers from over 42 countries in the world and visit some wonderful classrooms in the city.

Bear Park prides itself on providing teachers with various meaningful opportunities. I have recently transitioned from being an infant-toddler supervisor into a preschool supervisor. It is truly wonderful to see that Bear Park is dedicated to growing the professional capabilities of its teachers.

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