Preschools ‘flow of the day’

We realise that this time is unprecedented with many uncertainties and so it is through our blog posts we wish to be able to keep the Bear Park community connected and engaged. We thought we’d start by sharing with you some of the key points about how we organise our day in Preschool and have made some modifications hopefully to make this easier for you to recreate at home. Below is what a typical preschool routine could look lile.

A Preschool routine from home

A typical preschool day looks like this:

9.30am: Meeting time – we come together, share thoughts of the previous day and plan for the day ahead. This maybe is a time where your child could bring along their favourite book or share with you their favourite song.

10.00am: Morning tea – we invite our children to set a table and create a centrepiece for this which you could also do. Our children love using items from nature e.g. Leaves, stones, flowers, petals to do this. It maybe also a suggestion that your child/ren help suggest and prepare this snack with you.

10.30am: Investigative learning – a time to focus on a particular experience that extends knowledge and skills based on an observation or interest. This can come from a discussion with your child about what they have seen outside, or perhaps heard. Maybe they have remembered something they did when at Bear Park the previous week or seen in a book. It is from this conversation with them that an activity can evolve.

11.30am: Reset time – tidy the spaces and the materials that have been used.

12.00pm: Lunch – again the child/ren could suggest and help create this with you.

12.30pm: Quiet time – soft music/quiet activities / mindfulness/ rest – Perhaps your child/ren has a special audio book that you could play or they have favourite books they just wish to look at whilst lying on a cushion in a special setting.

2.00pm: Autonomous play –  an opportunity to revisit some of  the previous activities/experiences of the morning or participate in something different.

3.00pm: Afternoon tea – Again the child/ren could suggest and help create this.

3.30pm: Investigative learning- maybe this is where you could go for a walk in your neighbourhood, or your garden with your child and discover things for tomorrow’s investigations – e.g. the trail of ants that appear to be walking along the path or the leaves that are starting to change colour etc.….

4.30pm Winding down – preparing for the end of the day. An opportunity for a shared story together.

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