Light as a Material – full of discovery and possibilities.

Setting the scene for the open exploration of light our children were invited to collaborate together in utilizing the various provocations that had been suggested and to delve deeper into their understanding of this mystical source.

Careful selection had been made of the suggested materials in which to offer the children in this context, through the atelierista firstly experimenting with these herself before offering these to the children as ‘possibilities’

Light as a material

They explored, discovered, revealed, looked inside, added to, looked again, layered, looked again, took away and started over. Testing, hypothesising and developing their own theories about what they were unpacking.

Power of Light

It was through these engaging and rich experimental processes that the children discovered how they could direct the light by adding and connecting a selection of materials that they had composed together and created these unique and imaginary landscapes. 

The materials on offer gave the children the opportunities to construct variations to the light as they started to construct their own luminous sculptures and installations.

“Look there is a smile on the wall” – Isla

“Oh there I have made a night sky” – Fred

In deepening the children ideas and theories about light it is always a wonderful way of reinforcing these by offering them to children.

Light as a material

It is through these multiple experiences directing and manipulating natural as well as artificial light through materials that the children explore the possibilities of using light as a medium. By discovering how to give light shape and form they discover light as a language to express their ideas.

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