Fostering learning in our under two’s room through the ‘hundred languages’

hundred languages

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we place high value on children’s communication, learning, and self-expression through their hundred languages. Loris Malaguzzi (the founder of the Reggio Approach) describes the hundred languages as “infinite ways that children can express, explore, and connect their thoughts, feelings and imaginings”.

Within the Fantail room (ages 1-2 years) at Bear Park Mairangi Bay, the hundred languages are embedded within the daily running of our educational programme. We offer a ʻhundred ways’ for children to create, imagine, investigate, explore their senses, and express themselves through the form of free play. We also further foster the children’s curiosities and ability to construct their own knowledge by offering small group investigative learning. During this time, teachers and children work alongside each other, interweaving teaching and learning.

hundred languages

Our dedicated Fantail teachers are co-constructors of knowledge, engaging in rich reciprocal partnerships with the children we work with. We learn from each other and share in the delight of making new discoveries together. These learning experiences also offer children the opportunity to inspire one another through their play.

Currently, our investigative topics are painting within our atelier, clay explorations, and construction. Each of these topics evokes curiosity, creativeness and endless possibilities for discovery. Re-visiting these experiences throughout the day is important for the children to develop and build upon their working theories, supporting them to become experts in these symbolic languages. We offer open-ended materials alongside inspiring photos and thought-provoking questions, inviting the children to explore using resources such as paint, watercolours, pencils, and clay.

hundred languages

We truly value the rich relationships between the children that emerge from these learning experiences. In the Fantail Room, we—as teachers—believe that it is important to nurture and foster the children’s relationships and social skills as a foundation for learning. Over the years, we have observed the value in these experiences through small group learning opportunities.

At Bear Park Mairangi Bay, we work alongside some of our youngest tamariki, celebrating and fostering the culture of childhood. As a teaching team, we really value the richness of each and every child as we engage with them in meaningful learning experiences that evoke wonder, joy, and a genuine love for life-long learning.

Curious about how our educational programme inspires young children?

We warmly invite parents with children under 2 years of age to visit us to our OPEN DAY on the 11 October from 9.00—11.30 AM at Bear Park Mairangi Bay to find out more about our unique approach.

hundred languages, open day

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