Exploring the Richness of your Garden

exploring garden child

Infants and toddlers thrive in any environment that provokes opportunities for sensory exploration. An example of how we implement this in our Fantail room is by exploring the natural wonders on offer in our garden. Here the children can encounter materials such as leaves, grass, flowers etc… to investigate and put their senses to the test.

By slowing down, pausing and taking the time too:

  • Feel the many different textures that our garden has on offer
  • Listen to the various sounds that occur like the cicada’s song or the leaves rustling in the breeze
  • See the different shapes and colours that nature holds
  • Smell the different aromas
  • Taste things (if appropriate) like the herbs.
  • Doing this alongside your child will prompt them to use their senses even more so.
exploring garden child

Questions you may wish to pose:
• What can we see?

• What does it feel like?

• What does it smell like?

• How does it make you feel?

• What kind of sound do you hear?

• Can you make a sound with this?

Encourage your child or children to fully explore using all of their body and to view these as rich and enchanting spaces with new perspectives.

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