Earlier this year we observed our children noticing the dancing leaves of the trees in their garden. We felt that this image might be a great provocation, so in order to bring this multi sensory outdoor experience inside, we designed a video installation layering the different textual experiences and set about projecting this up on the wall in our classroom atelier.

The visual texture of this projection of the leaves interconnected different areas of the space and created a forest like atmosphere of every changing layers of light.

We positioned also into this area some of the fallen leaves with the suggestion of other tactile materials such as paper and fabrics for the children to engage with. The idea in doing so was to provide the children with a variety of possibilities to explore further the leaves, over time, in many different ways.

We noticed how the children were intrigued with the physical texture and the textures of sound that could be experienced through the various fabric materials and how they could connect these discoveries to their relationship and understanding of the leaves.

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