Bear Park from the Perspective of 4 Year Olds

We recently asked the 4 year old children at Dilworth Avenue what thoughts they had about Bear Park and what it meant to them. Our teachers and staff really valued their feedback. Here are some of their responses:

“ A special place to go”

“Bear park is special.”

“I get to play everyday with my friends and I love it because there is so much things to do.”

“Our teachers are special. They really help us.”

“I can play up and down and I feel happy because people at Bear Park make me happy. The teachers help me when I can’t do something. They teach me things that I can’t do, that I haven’t learned yet, like weaving harakeke.”

4 Year Old Childcare

“I had 2, no 3 birthdays here and I have one more birthday. I get big here.”

“I am really excited to go to school, but I think I will miss my friends alot.“

“If I couldn’t come to Bear Park, I would be sad.”

“I just love it because I get to play with my friends and I get to learn not to call names. I don’t like to not be respectful so I’m not going to do that.”

“We are all really nice and when someone is not cleaning up the Atelier, you can be responsible and resilient and be really nice and be kind to everyone, even when they are not your friends.”

“When my friends are not here I can make other friends and show the Tui values like empathy and respect.”

Remuera Kea

“The teachers help us to learn about the Tui values”

“You can be respectful when you are helpful and be good to your friends and teachers and re-set”

“You have to look after our things and your friends.”

“Empathy looks like to take care of your friends.”

“It is being respectful and kind together”

“If someone cries, we can go up to them and help them to not cry and this helps to make them resilient.”

“Even when people don’t agree with you, you need to listen to them. When someone makes a choice, you can either do it or not do it.”

“I bring teachers and friends joy because I make them feel happy.”

“Bear Park makes me feel happy.”

“People love Bear Park and love the teachers. That means it is special because love is special because we sing about it.”

“I always like to go to Bear Park”

By Ranger, Hadley, Kenzo, Liam, Carter, Noah, Isla, Florence, Zoe (4 Year Old Children at Bear Park)

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