9 Aspects of teaching that matter most to Early Childhood Teachers!

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1. Working with professional quality teachers

The professionalism of the teaching colleagues you are working alongside is so important. Working alongside like-minded ECE teachers who are enthusiastic about their role and view themselves as professionals is something our teachers pride themselves on at Bear Park.

2. Support from your team

The continual support that you get from your Centre Director and Pedagogical Team is really crucial. These are not just titles, but they are real people who value you and whom you are able to establish quality relationships with. The daily mentoring from fully registered experienced teachers at Bear Park ensures that you are supported in your teacher registration journey through regular meetings; making your working environment a positive and rewarding one for you.

3. Collaborative learning culture

Being part of a teaching team that have the same values and vision is necessary to be able to create that positive collaborative feeling of team spirit and helps you as a professional to progress and learn from others.

4. Non-contact time for planning with your team

The weekly 3 hours of non-contact time for planning with your team is a unique part of Bear Park. It is in these planning meetings that observations, ideas, suggestions are discussed and future potentialities are considered so as to enrich the learning opportunities for our children.

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5. Professional development

We love to see our teachers grow in their personal teaching journeys and to be able to provide them with exciting, innovative professional development opportunities that assist them in this. The potential for your own professional growth through regular internal and external PD opportunities is something our teachers value at Bear Park. There is even the opportunity to fly to Italy!

6. Small learning groups

Our teachers love the opportunity to engage with children in smaller learning groups. We value the power of the group and strongly believe in being able to offer our children the chance to engage in small group learning contexts where they can really delve deeper into the wonder of discoveries.

7. Value and respect

Saying something positive, doing something positive, making sure that you notice the small things lead onto the big things of a positive, fun and supportive place to work in – this is what we like to create. Being acknowledged for who you are and what you can bring to the team is essential when you are creating a strongly supportive collaborative teaching culture throughout the Centre, and it is something that we truly value.

8. Teacher wellness

The well-being of staff is really important. Teachers want an environment where they are supported. Our wellness programme offers a fun and informative evening focused on your holistic wellbeing. You are invited to attend a 2-hour wellness session led by an external wellness practitioner held at our Dilworth Avenue Centre in Remuera.

Teacher wellness

9. And of course the right for playfulness and fun throughout the day!

Currently, we have several teaching positions available – full time and part-time so if you are looking for a fresh start for 2020 check out our career page.

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