A group project needs a plan!

When the time came to carry out repairs on our bridge that we had constructed as part of our Sculptural Exhibition, we firstly needed to identify what was requiring repair, how would we go about this and what materials/resources we would need to carry out this important and very tricky work. As a group we […]

Tubes, Toddlers and Motion

Young children are always intrigued by the mystical and exciting idea of movement, whether it is with their own bodies or with objects within their environment. It is a wonderful learning stage where the children are creating their own hypothesis and testing these out with enthusiasm and joy. After observing our toddlers engaging with this […]

Adding Another Dimension to Clay

Clay is an essential part of our educational learning spaces as we view this as another expressive language for our children to engage with no matter their age. It is widely present within our rooms and is proposed to the children in a variety of ways. One day we decided to transform our dry hard […]

Comparing Sounds

A sound landscape When designing a setting for our children to engage in, when they are discovering the wonderment of sound, it is important to consider what is the purpose behind this – what as a teacher, are you wishing to discover and to learn about from the children’s engagement. With this in mind we […]

In dialogue with a snail!

Nothing can replace a physical encounter in the garden and the discovery of a snail, a ladybug or a butterfly. However, the use of technology can help us to remember to slow down, to zoom in, to zoom out and to share our experiences with others. So when we use technology in a purposeful way, […]