Respect as a Right

Understanding the Rights of a Child to a Respectful, Unhurried and Supportive Learning Environment. Respect is the basis of the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) philosophy, which was proposed by early childhood educator Magda Gerber. RIE requires educators and caregivers to not only respect babies, but also demonstrate our respect every time we interact with […]

Weaving in a Bicultural Pedagogy

How the educational approach from Reggio Emilia compliments our Bi-Cultural Heritage and Curriculum. Here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) we all have a special obligation of honouring the Treaty of Waitangi. Through this, it is important that we uphold the values and beliefs of Maori. At Bear Park, Patey Street, our Centre philosophy is inspired by […]

An Ethos of Collaboration

What does it mean to collaborate? The idea of collaboration holds a lot of value here at Bear Park, and the way it is implemented throughout the centre is something we think makes us pretty unique. We understand that by working with others, the potential for richer learning increases exponentially, which is why we place […]

Valuing Children’s Hundred Languages

The Multiple ways of Connecting. “Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture.” -Loris Malaguzzi The Reggio Emilia philosophy underpinning our daily practices and rituals at Bear Park, emphasizes the importance of facilitating opportunities for tamariki to […]

Creating a Sense of Identity in the Atelier

Fostering Imagination and Creativity The Atelier has been evolving at Bear Park Herne Bay as we have been considering how we can enhance the ways in which we can collectively further support the identity of the space within our setting. Previously the atelier had been a multipurpose space combining a place for investigations and for […]

Pedagogical Documentation

More than Just Words. Pedagogical documentation is an important part of what we do as educators here at Bear Park, it is a conduit that gives structure to our thinking, a tool if you will that allows the process of children’s work to be noticed and recognized for the scientific and important work that is […]

Technology supporting investigations

‘The discovery of the unexpected phenomena’ The digital age is well and truly here and we support our children to discover the wonder and curiosities it can offer us. Within our centres we use technology to enhance, enrich and challenge our children ideas and theories further.   By utilizing a light source, whether natural or artificial, […]

Layers of Texture

Earlier this year we observed our children noticing the dancing leaves of the trees in their garden. We felt that this image might be a great provocation, so in order to bring this multi sensory outdoor experience inside, we designed a video installation layering the different textual experiences and set about projecting this up on […]