Wellbeing & Wellness at Bear Park

Mental health and wellbeing has always been part of everyday life, but it used to be a taboo subject. Something that no one wanted to talk about. But now, it is a subject that is breaking out of the shadows and being discussed openly throughout society, the media, and in all walks of life. Did […]

Bear Park from the Perspective of 4 Year Olds

We recently asked the 4 year old children at Dilworth Avenue what thoughts they had about Bear Park and what it meant to them. Our teachers and staff really valued their feedback. Here are some of their responses: “ A special place to go” “Bear park is special.” “I get to play everyday with my […]

Dialogues with Materials

During the children’s  engagement with some skeleton leaves they mentioned ideas about other materials: “I want to make it with paper” – Angelo “It’s like a string” – Ryder said pointing to the stem of the leaf, whilst Arna discovered similarities between the skeleton leaf and the fine fabric of her dress. So in context […]

The Wonders of Transformation

After working within the concept of Papatuanuku’s Atelier for several months, the children’s interest in creating their own palettes of colour from natural materials is still of huge interest and intrigue. So when the children decided one-morning tea to look at creating their own orange paint from the leftover orange peel it was of no […]

Celebrating diversity at Bear Park and honouring our bicultural identity & heritage

As a significant part of our Bear Park Identity, we are proud to collectively celebrate Matariki each year with our tamariki, parents, whanau and our wider community. Bear Park uses rituals and celebrations to mark the passage of time and to acknowledge Matariki (Maori New Year) as part of our unique traditions that are deeply […]

Discovering Sand as a Mark-Making Tool

Venturing outside is always a wonderful experience as the world that exists out through the classroom doors is very rich in a vast array of learning experiences. The sandpit is one of those areas where the ordinary can so easily become something more, so when a small group of children discovered that the water trough […]

Exploring the Anatomy of Clay

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences” Loris Malaguzzi For young children to develop an understanding about form and shape and how to represent an idea or an object three-dimensionally clay is a great medium. Working with children and clay offering […]

Things that Make Our Different Locations Unique – Spotlight: Hobsonville

Bear Park Infant and Toddler Centre and Preschool in Hobsonville is housed in the historic Mill House building in Hobsonville Point. This beautiful waterfront property is set on an acre of park-like grounds with amazing sea views and serves the growing number of families in the area as a leading early learning centre. 10 things […]

Personal Reflections from our Teachers

Coming back to work post-lock-down manifested some mixed emotions in me. While I looked forward to getting back into a routine, doing a job I love, I was unsure about how staff and children returning would be coping with this unusual situation. I wondered how I was going to support them through it. Returning under […]

Personal Reflections from our Parents

With the transition from level 4 to 1, mixed feelings of both nervousness and excitement have been experienced amongst parents and teachers across New Zealand during the last couple of months. There was excitement for seeing co-teachers, colleagues, families and of course the children again; but nervousness about expanding our safety ‘bubble’ that has been […]