Family Time Capsule

As we are living in a time that is unprecedented for us all, taking this opportunity to reflect upon the things that matter most to us, is so relevant and important. Creating a time capsule is one way in which we can show what these things are and we can have fun in creating the […]

30 Day Nature Challenge

30 days of ideas to help you stay outside while social distancing: 1. Nature bracelets 2. Bird watching 3. Paint with nature 4. Worm hunting 5. Mud pies 6. Explore a new place close to home 7. Stone soup 8. Puddle jumping 9. Nature scavenger hunt 10. Sink or float 11. Rock painting 12. Rainbow […]

Anzac Day 2020

To pay respect on Anzac Day we would attend parades, church services and the dawn service at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. RSA volunteers would exchange your red poppy buttonhole flowers in return for a donation in support of their organization’s welfare fund. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic these events have been cancelled. So […]